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Welcome to Germantown Youth Futures!

Drug_Free_KeyGermantown Youth Futures exists to promote positive youth development. At the heart of the program is the desire to ensure that our community’s youth have the best possible activities available, day in and day out, year in and year out. Growth through service in the community is equally as important as the growth students achieve in the classroom.

What Teens Are Saying About Germantown Youth Futures…

  • “Youth Futures means that I get to provide great activities for kids to do instead of turning to drugs and alcohol. It is a great way to be involved in the community.” Female, 17
  • “A fun program I can participate in without anyone judging me.” Female, 13
  • “Youth Futures is a place for me to interact with other peers. It is also a place for me to share my ideas.” Male, 16
  • “Youth Futures to me means the Lock-In and anti-drug activities.” Male, 14
  • “It’s fun to plan activities for middle school kids to keep them from doing drugs. I also like volunteering and how good I feel to make others feel better.” Female, 17
  • “Youth Futures is a group that I am part of that plays a positive role in people’s lives and hopefully makes a difference.” Female, 14