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Germantown Youth Futures exists to promote positive youth development. At the heart of the program is the desire to ensure that our community’s youth have the best possible activities available, day in and day out, year in and year out. Growth through service in the community is equally as important as the growth students achieve in the classroom.

Kids LeadersOur Youth Are Our Future

Young people in Germantown, like youth throughout the U.S., face difficult challenges that can impair healthy development. Parents and teachers are worried; so are business people who fear tomorrow’s work force will lack skills and education. Citizens worry about higher taxes to support the cost of youth problems such as juvenile delinquency, teen parenthood and school failure. Young people themselves want to work on solutions but see few opportunities for meaningful involvement.

The Time For Action Is Now

We know that the most effective way to solve problems is to work on them where they exist – right in the community. The goals of the Germantown Youth Futures Board are to raise the funds needed to meet our mission, raise the awareness of risk and protection factors, involve the community and youth in activities and develop an evaluation process to assess our progress.

Your Investment…

The success of Germantown Youth Futures depends on the commitment of concerned people like you. We need people who see both the challenges local youth face and the possibilities for making Germantown a better place for kids.

Germantown Youth Futures would like your help in any of the following areas:

  • Board of Directors – Germantown Youth Futures
  • Youth Assets Committee
  • Activities Committee
  • Fund Raising Activities