For Parents

The success of Germantown Youth Futures depends on the support and involvement of youth, parents and the community. Currently, Germantown Youth Futures is looking for parent volunteers in the following areas:

  • Board of Directors – Germantown Youth Futures
  • Youth Assets Committee
  • Activities Committee
  • Fund Raising Activities

Youth Futures Accomplishments

  • presented area youth with a $500 scholarship
  • distributed drug/asset fact sheets to parents
  • partnered with Healthy Washington County Tobacco Free Coalition
  • implemented the 40 Developmental Assets philosophy, 40 building blocks for developing positive youth development
  • received funding through the Prevention Network
  • conducted Asset Training Workshops for Faith-based community/schools

MADDPower of Parents: Talking with Teens About Alcohol

This 45 page handbook, brought to you by MADD, was created to help parents talk to teens about alcohol.

Being a parent is rewarding, but also challenging. Parents work to keep their kids safe and healthy while helping them grow into independent, well-adjusted young adults. By reading this handbook and following its guidelines, you can substantially reduce the chance your son or daughter will drink before the age of 21.

Since each family is different, you may relate to some sections of this handbook better than others. This is okay. Not all families are the same and we respect those differences. We hope you review the entire handbook and use parts that are helpful to you and your family.

Prom PreparationPreparing for Prom

Along with the excitement of Prom comes a host of potential risks and pitfalls for teens. But, wait, you say, “What is the big deal?” Kids have been surviving Prom for generations. Some drinking, make out sessions, and fast driving are all part of being young, right?

Well, “yes” and “no” actually. Some level of risking taking is normal and even healthy for adolescents. Pushing the envelope and even making mistakes can help teens build character and improve their decision-making skills.

However, when unsupervised or under supervised many Prom customs can result in opportunities for thoughtless teen behavior. These behaviors can sometimes lead to short-term heartache and/or long-term harm. So in the midst of helping your teen find the right dress or that perfect corsage, this article, by Rebecca S. Mather, Stephen A. Small and Anne S. Clarkson of the UW-Extension can give you some ideas to consider to prepare yourself, and your kids, for prom.

40 Developmental Assets

Search Institute has identified the building blocks of healthy development (in pdf above) – known as Developmental Assets – that help young people grow up healthy, caring and responsible.